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Don’t let cool temperatures prevent you from getting the most out of your swimming pool. With the SunValue solar pool heating system, you’ll be able to extend your swim season well past the summer, all while enjoying the reduced carbon footprint and zero energy costs of solar pool heating. A SunValue installation can increase your Steelpool water temperature by 15-20 degrees. In Texas, pool season is typically May to September, but when you add a SunValue system to our pools, you can go from early March till late November, thats 4 months extra, almost doubling yor pool use. 

Designed with your roof in mind, our panels require fewer roof penetrations because they don’t use straps. The slim, lightweight design of SunValue also makes installation easier than ever. With more than 40 years of experience and a proven track record in manufacturing solar collectors, you can rest easy knowing you chose SunValue as your reliable and efficient pool heating system.

UMA SunValue