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Swimming pools

SteelPool Specifications

  • 3/16" & 1/4" Solid steel shell.

  • Industrial strength structural A36 steel chassis.

  • Integrated coping and siding mounts

  • 5 layer, 20-year anti-corrosion layer and warranty.

  • Active anti-corrosion system

  • High quality 2 part epoxy resin finish.

  • R10 insulation

  • Integrated Stereo Audio system, bluetooth,
    for above and underwater audio

  • Bluetooth RGBW lights

  • Variable speed pump,  Energy Star rated.

  • UV-C and Mineral Ionizers

  •  Extended Coping and siding fast frame

  • 16" Lueders Texas Limestone coping.

  •  TimberTech® ATEK siding

  •  Cedar or Teak coping and siding

  •  Heat Pumps, reversible for heating or cooling.

  • Automated chemical monitoring and feeder.

  • Entry Steps, Baha Ledges, Benches

  • 1500 gallon rainwater storage

  • Solar pool heater panels.

  • Automatic electric covers 

  •  R32 insulation

  • Geothermal base for passive temperature control



Length Options

  • 10' Long SteelPool QT

  • This is our new SteelPool QT.
    Perfect for that summer cool down

  • 15' long SteelPool Plunge Bob

SteelPool swimming pool steps
  • 20' long SteelPool Comfort

SteelPool swimming pool baha
  • 25' long SteelPool Max

SteelPool swimming pool skimmers

Step options

  • Short Steps

SteelPool swimming pool bench
SteelPool swimming pool ledge
  • Long Steps

SteelPool swimming pool jets
  • Baha and Side Steps

SteelPool swimming pool coping
  • Baha and Side Steps and Side Bench

Water Filtration Options

  • Single Skimmer and 4 Jet Water Rotation

SteelPool swimming pool length
Steel Pool swimming pool length
  • Double Skimmer, oversized  8 Jet Water Rotation, pressure balanced

  • 10' wide

Width Options

SteelPool swimming pool width
  • 12' wide

SteelPool swimming pool size

Coping and Siding

  • Extended Coping Mount Option for fast and easy deck and limestone surrounds

Steel Pool swimming pool
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