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SteelPool Engineering

  • Our ultra-tough pool shell is 3/16" thick A36 steel plate, with 1/4 floor plates 
    (compared to Shipping Container pools that are are only 1/16" thick).


  • The pool chassis is industrial-grade high-tensile steel.

  • We use Quality Control and Assurance at ISO-9000 levels. Each pool has a unique serial number and documentation for history and traceability.

  • Post fabrication, everything is NACE 3 level treated, multiple layers of anti-corrosion treatments for ultra long life and peace of mind. It is not paint.

  • The topcoat is a high quality bathtub like finish.

  • Permanent liftings points and non soil contact surface barriers for easy removal. 

We design, model, analyze, simulate every pool, with every location option. We create engineering drawings, FEA, lift load, above ground and in ground soil load analysis, dynamic load stress analysis, install simulations.
Then we know every possible scenario before it happens.
This is part of our risk mitigation process.
You know you are safe.

We run 1000's of stress loading scenarios

FEA of swimming pool

We squash it, twist it, bend it, load it, shake it, refine it, and do it again, to simulate every possibility you can imagine, to make sure that SteelPools are second to none in quality, strength and lifetime.
These are made for purpose steel structures, not modified containers.

swimming pool stresses

We insert your pool into a 3d model of your property to set the depth to perform full loading simulations, tree roots, moving soil, expanding clay conditions which would destroy typical pools and piping but a  SteelPool, by design.

SteelPool 3d image of swimming pool

We don't make imaginary 3d models, we don't do pretty pictures, we use real world data. 

We're not pool people with engineers, we're engineers who supply pool people.

Now we know everything and so do you

Pool Design Ethos


Engineers with decades of design experience, with multiple CAD tools, FEA packages, structural design tools, 3d software to create the strongest, most rigid dedicated structure possible.


  • With years of experience in building offshore equipment in the offshore oil industry, we make SteelPools from the best industrial strength materials, that are fit for purpose.  
    This is NOT a converted Shipping Container, it is bigger, stronger, lasts longer, and is built for life. 



  • A specialized series of surface preparations and treatments, tested by NASA, with the highest ever anti-corrosion rating, is used to protect the entire structure for 30 years under the worst conditions on earth, underwater and in space, and over 50 years on your yard.

Function and form

  • Multi-layer 2-part epoxy resin coatings on the inside for that beautiful, robust finish.

Operate with ease

  • High-efficiency pumps, oversized piping, long radius low pressure drop fittings, multiple oxidizers, low maintenance filter systems for long life and immaculate water.

Life changes

  • Nothing is forever, change happens, so moving SteelPools is inherently built into its design. They are super strong with built-in chassis lifting points. You can move your pool at will, anytime, anyplace, just like life. 

Construction, Quality Control & Assurance

Our fabrication ISO-9000 facilities use high-quality steel direct from the mill specified for high-strength and durability.

  • Use skilled trained certified steel workers comprising of both fitters and welders. 

  • Use safe dedicated fit for purpose welding areas.

  • Employ rigorous Quality Control procedures / Quality Assurance checks to ensure consistent repeatability and quality.

  • Use dedicated Nace 3 spec metal blasting and cleaning areas. 

  • Have dedicated paint booth areas.

  • Designed and built in Texas.

Turn-Key Install Option

  • We survey, make 3d models, drawings, implement and manage permits, excavate and remove soil, provision electrical services, plumbing, alarms, and safety fences.


  • We deliver and install your pool, fast, cleanly, and efficiently.

  • We hook-up pipe runs, pump placement, backfill, pool fill, full system testing, with customer training,

       and follow-up.

  • Your pool has its own web page where everything from the contract, drawings, permits, orders,
    parts, schedules are available on demand. There are build photos so you can monitor progress, instruction manuals, installation photos etc. are all stored. Everything about your pool is here.


  • Your web page is accessible to you upon final receipt of your pool so you have a historical timeline of your pool and know everything about its history.


  • The process from Order to Final Install takes about 45-60 days*. We are in your property for less than 2 weeks to perform the complete excavation, install and commissioning
       * Pending any permit delays, or inclement weather. 

  • You’ll hardly notice us and before you know it, you’ll be swimming and relaxing just like you imagined.

  • Want to move and take your pool with you? No problem. We can do this for you or provide drawings and documents of how to do it yourself.

  • Nothing is left to chance, everything is planned, scheduled and resolved.  

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