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Steel Swimming pools

 SteelPool, steel swimming pools made for life.

SteelPool is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a modern swimming pool.
A SteelPool is the perfect addition to any backyard to shake off that summer heat, you're swimming in no time.
From 10 to 25 feet long, up to 7 feet deep, baha, step and ledge options.
SteelPools start at $39,851 for an entire pool system with a stereo system, insulation, pump, filter, ionizers, piping, coping and siding, everything you need to start swimming.
SteelPool running costs are over 80% lower than any other pool you can buy today, at $2 -$3 a day, resulting in over $30,000 savings over 10 years.

SteelPool with wooden deck and ADU

Uniquely SteelPool
SteelPool has unique features you cannot find in other pools, delivering incredible value.

SteelPool Audio System is an entire pool stereo system, built into the chassis, above and underwater. Just add sounds, switch on bluetooth.
See it here


SteelPool Insulation System gives the pool R32 insulation !
A swimming pool loses 3 times as much energy through its shell as it does to open air. 

A normal gunite, concrete, fiberglass or a container pool, has R1 insulation, less than a single pane of glass.
A gas heater in a normal pool costs anywhere from $300 to $500 a month to operate, depending on the fuel you use and how often you want to heat your pool water.
Do the same in a SIS SteelPool, and those costs are 10x lower.

SteelPool Geothermal Foundation System is​ a method to extract energy from under the SteelPool, keeping your water temperatures consistent, and operating costs as low as possible. We calculate the energy from a GFS to be over $2 a day, saving over $7200 in the first 10 years alone. 

Active Pump System resolves the problem of water pressure build up under pools. All buried pools, collect water under the pool, which washes  foundations, severely damaging pools. The normal method evacuates the water into your pool, major clean up, can crack pool hulls, damage pumps, etc.
APS keeps everything secure at all times. APS also works with SFS for optimal ground conditions.

Rainwater Storage 
SteelPools can have up to 1900 gallons of rainwater storage built in, auto-refill with rainwater, water the garden.
Rainwater storage can get up to $5000 in local, state and federal rebates, is a future proof way to keep swimming while preserving our valuable resources.

SteelPool uses an exoskeleton chassis system,1) for super strength and rigidity, and 2) you can simply bolt decks or stonework directly to the pool, saving $$$ and time in shrouding the pool any way you want, change it anytime you like.

SteelPool has permanent mount points built in, if you decide to move, you can simply hook up, lift out, move, lift in, - take your pool with you.

Steel and corrosion.
We all know that steel corrodes, rusts and will fail at some point. SteelPool uses the same protection system as NACE 3 specifications for buried pipelines, with an operational status of 50-75 years. This method uses 5 layers of specifically designed and applied protective coatings, and an active protection system.

SteelPool structure and pool piping
Steel swimming pool in backyard

SteelPool is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a modern swimming pool.

Incredibly strong and durable
Built in stereo
Clean water
Low chemical use
Low operating costs 
Passive and active anti-corrosion system
Made in a factory in 30 days, ready for delivery
Same day install.

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