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  • What sizes of pools does SteelPool offer?
    The SteelPool QT is a 10 x 10 pool, 5 feet deep, up to 6 feet deep option. The SteelPool Plunge Bob 10 x 15 pool, 5 feet deepup to 6 feet deep option. The SteelPool Comfort is a 10 x 20 pool, 5 feet deep, up to 7 feet deep option. The SteelPool Max is a 10 x 25 pool, 5 feet deep, up to 7 foot deep option.
  • What options do SteelPools have?
    SteelPool offers a range of options such as: Steps, baha decks, benches, and baha- side step selections. Built in mount points for coping, siding, and deck attachment. Extended coping fast frame for fast, accurate, easy mounting of limestone coping to a SteelPool. R32 high efficiency reversible heat pump, for hot and cold water options. Automated hard covers for safety and low water evaporation. Solar heating panels. and the unique technologies only found with SteelPools. Integrated rainwater collection and storage system, 1500+ gallons to refill the SteelPool, water your garden, and may get you a $5000 govt rebate, while also saving water. Geothermal base system for passive water temperature control and consistent water temperatures without heaters or coolers.
  • How much do SteelPools cost?
    The SteelPool QT is a 10 x 10 pool at $$40,000. The SteelPool Plunge Bob is a 10 x 15 pool at $51,000. The SteelPool Comfort is a 10 x 20 pool, at $63,000. The SteelPool Max is 10 x 25 at $74,000. SteelPools are cheaper than an equivalent Modpool or Plungie pool for the same water volume. All SteelPools come with stairs, lights, SteelPool stereo, pumps, filters, water treatment, everything you need for a pool, can be up to 12 foot wide and up to 7 feet deep. SteelPool can also provide permit and inspection scheduling and interface services. Rainwater storage and geothermal base systems are unique integrated options on every size of SteelPool. Rainwater storage can get rebates up to $5000 for water conservation. SteelPool models are almost identically price matched to the comparable items also made in factories, and all offer superior quality control. All factory pool pricing from SteelPool, ModPool, Plungie do not include excavation, soil removal, foundation, delivery, crane costs, electrical services, external piping, fences, alarms, or site remediation.
  • How is a SteelPool compared to other factory made pools such as a Modpool or a Plungie pool?
    While Modpool and Plungie certainly make good pools, the difference is: SteelPools are incredibly rigid and strong, much stronger than container pools, and much lighter than concrete pools. SteelPools need less foundation work, and cost less to install. Crane installation costs are 3x lower than a Plungie pool. SteelPools take about a month to make, come with superb 3 stage filtration, pumps, filters, UV-C, chemical ionizers for low chlorine levels, built in lighting. SteelPools are highly insulated for constant water temperature, for low heating and cooling costs. SteelPool also has integrated rainwater storage options, and a geothermal temperature control system. SteelPool is 100% recyclable. Want to move? you can take your Steelpool with you. All factory pool pricing from SteelPool, ModPool, Plungie etc do not include excavation, soil removal, foundation, delivery, crane costs, electrical services, external piping, fences, alarms, or site remediation.
  • Whats the long term operating cost difference with a SteelPool versus other types of pools.
    Insulated SteelPools are heavily insulated for ultra low running costs, with R values 30x a factory supplied concrete or container pool. Our R32 insulation lowers heating and cooling costs by over 80%...that's up to $30,000 of savings over 10 years. In ground on-site made gunite pools cost even more than that to operate. Water Temperature Control Our precision temperature control and water treatment lowers those chemical costs to water that almost tap water levels of chlorine. That saves many hundreds of $ a year alone Anti-corrosion and topcoat SteelPool coatings are long life, and low cost to refurbish after 7-10 years. Just drain the pool, clean it, and repaint the topcoat, for about $1000. A gunite pool requires a replaster every 10 years costing over $10,000. A container pool is a constant fight and repair process against rust. Rigid and Strong SteelPools are 8x more rigid than container pools, but can cope with soil movement of up to 2" without cracking. Gunite and concrete pools cannot flex at all, and any motion can crack the pool shell, resulting in 100% failure.
  • Do you just supply SteelPools, or can do everything?
    Getting a swimming pool is a consuming process, with many different skills and aspects that require attention. We specialize in the manufacturing of the SteelPools, but also understand the requirements of permits, soil type and strength, excavation, soil removal, electrical services, foundation, external plumbing, delivery, crane install, hookup and commissioning, inspections, fences, alarms, and more. We can can hold you hand through the entire process, or help from a simple delivery with instructions and contractors we work with, or any portion you need support with.
  • Where do you supply SteelPools to?
    SteelPool is based in Texas, and currently supplies the Austin marketplace. This does not limit sales all over Texas, as we can help you find skilled contrators in your local area to help install and commission the SteelPool for you.
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