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Eco-friendly, Safe & Beautiful

Low electric bills 


  • An average gunite pool has R0.6 insulation, the same as single pane of glass.

  • A Container pool is R1 insulation, about the same as a gunite pool

  • A fiberglass pool is R3 insulation

  • A SteelPool is R32 insulation !

    When heating or cooling your SteelPool, the bills are 85% lower than all other pool types, saving $3-5000 a year, over only 10 years that's $30,000-$50,000 savings !

Heat Pump System

  • Our Heat Pump systems are all fully reversible, and can automatically heat or cool a pool. Our high efficiency heat pump unit uses $450 - $900 a year with perfect temperature control.

  • A gas heater costs about $400 a month. A pool chiller costs $300 a day in summer.


  • A normal pump, filter and 1.5" pipe system use about 13kWh/ day. That's about $1.56/day or $570 a year.

  • Our intelligent variable speed pump options however with oversized filters and oversized 2" long radius pipe systems use ~2kWh/ day. That's about 25c/day or $95 a year. 

  • That's $475 a year or more of savings compared to traditional pools.


  • Double VB Act Suction Covers, just in case.


  • Double Skimmers, Suction drains and 6-Return jets for a constant rotary motion pool flow, no dead water zones, makes for a super clean pool. 

Cleaner Water

  • UV-C Ionizer for disrupting the DNA of microbes, bacteria and protozoa, 100-times more effective than chlorine, ensuring maximum levels of water cleanliness, at at 1ppm of chlorine.

  • Chlorine use is reduced by about 80%.

Automatic chemical monitoring and feeder     

  • Our chemical package removes the need to test the water, add chlorine, acids, alkalis. 

  • The whole process is smart and fully automated.

  • We send you refill chemical packs, and you just replace the empty ones, its that simple.


SteelPool is very safe, cleaner than tap water, has extremely low electric bills, uses the least chemicals with the lowest expense, offers more months of swim time, and has a 20-year corrosion warranty.

SteelPool is the lowest operating cost pool available today, at $2 - $3 a day, its cheaper by over 80%.
You can save $30,000+ over 10 years.  

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