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Steel Swimming pools

SteelPool, steel swimming pools made for life.

SteelPool is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a modern swimming pool. Incredibly strong and durable:

-Dual Skimmers, double piped high flow piping, Energy Star Pump, UV-C and Chemical ionizers.
-Industrial grade triple layer anti-corrosion, 20 year warranty.
-Closed cell R10 and insulation for very low heating or cooling.
-Integral bluetooth stereo surround-sound system - above water and underwater audio (patent pending),
Rainwater collection and storage, integrated into the SteelPool.
Geothermal ground pad for free temperature control.
-Made in a factory in 30 days, ready for delivery and 1 day install.

SteelPool with wooden deck and ADU

A SteelPool is the perfect addition to any backyard to shake off that summer heat, you're swimming in no time.
Sizes from 10 x 10 to 25 x 10, up to 7 feet deep with baha deck, steps and ledge options.
Step Jets, and 8 port main jets and dual skimmer options for full pool water rotation and cleaning.
SteelPools start at $55,000 for an entire pool system with integral stereo system, insulation, all coatings and paints, pump, filters, UV-C and chemical ionizers, piping pre-installed, and the rainwater system can get you a $5000 rebate.. 
Its simply impossible to match the quality of a factory made pool.

SteelPool structure and pool piping

SteelPools weigh less than 1/2 of a concrete pool and have much lower install costs.

Steel swimming pool on delivery truck

Over 10x better insulation than concrete or gunite pools, and 10,000 time better than container pools for better temperature control, and much lower running costs.

Steel Swimming pool on crane
Steel swimming pool in backyard
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