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How it works. 

At SteelPool, we want to make sure the customer understands what the process is, how it works, and what it means for them. The first part of this process is to show you what your selected SteelPool will look like in your yard. 

We will measure and take photos of your yard and desired SteelPool location


We make 3d models of your property.


Incorporate your SteelPool into the 3d models.


Create outline drawings that of the layout. 


At this point, you have only spent time.
If you choose to move forward, these are the next stages.
If you live in an HOA area, these documents can serve as viable information for the HOA committee and approval process.

1) Contract, Terms and Conditions

SteelPool has a Contract and Terms and Conditions documents, that we will go over with you.
Once approved SteelPool moves into the working stages of the process.

2) Permits

SteelPool will perform a site survey, and create official drawings, and initialized the permit process.
We charge separately for the survey, drawings and permit process, as all properties have different requirements, and each type of permit has a different permit authority fee. 


3) Pause, Hold or Proceed 

At this point you can request that we await permit approval before the SteelPool fabrication starts, or you can proceed with the SteelPool fabrication.
Permits typically take 30 days or more, and SteelPool fabrication also takes about 30 days.
If running a concurrent timeline, the permits will be approved at about the same time the SteelPool is ready, so only excavation time of 7-14 days is now required, allowing for possible SteelPool installation in 45-60 days.
If run in a preceding timeline, then the SteelPool fabrication will not start until the permits are approved, making 30+ days for permits, then about 30 days for SteelPool Fabrication, then 7-14 days of excavation, allowing for a possible installation in 75-90
This is completely up the you, the customer to choose the fast track or slower route.  
Either way around, ancillary service and SteelPool will only be on your property for less than 25 days.   
SteelPool fabrication does not require permit approval.  

4) Manufacturing, Excavation, Delivery, Install, and Commission


  • The factory rolls into action with fabrication, pipes, parts, and equipment.

  • At your home, once the permits are approved, we arrive for the excavation, foundation, debris removal, fences, gates, and access points. This occurs about a week before your pool is delivered. 

  • Meanwhile the pool goes to finishing, blasting and coating with a specialized process for premium corrosion protection, priming and and your paint of choice....then cured for 5 days.  

  • One final QA run, and it is on the truck ready for delivery. It is then installed within just one day. 

  • We then backfill the pool, place the pump skid unit, pump to pool piping, electrical hookup, and install the safety equipment.

  • At this point, permit authorities have to be informed, and will perform inspections on the electrical grounding, any electrical wiring, and pipes and trenches, before any further progress is possible.  

  • A 3rd party inspection is also required, before any further progress is possible. 

  • After approval from both regulated authorities, it is time to fill the pool, which takes 18-30 hours. 

  • We provide some guidance on how to maintain your pool, pump instructions, and what pool maintenance equipment you may require. 

  • One filled, we commission the pumps and systems, and its ready to swim in.  

  • Your new pool will have its own website with a pool serial number, build data, QA data, instruction manuals, certifications, permit documents, install photos, and everything associated with the pool build.

    Enjoy your SteelPool. 

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