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How it works. 

1) Show you

We make 3d models of your property.


Incorporate your SteelPool of choice into the 3d models.


Use the precision 3d models to plan the install

trailer 2.jpg

Follow the plan, and everything work exactly as its supposed to. Nothing is left to chance

install view virtual.jpg
PXL_20220919_141721153.MP (1).jpg

The Process


  • Pick a SteelPool, make an agreement, start the permit process,. (which we can help with)

  • We map your property in 3d, set the SteelPool and pump skid location.

  • Make the install plan, set the timeline running

  • The factory rolls into action with chassis, tub, pipes, parts, and equipment.

  • At your home, once the permits are approved, we schedule the excavation, foundation, electrical services, fences, gates, and access points. This occurs about 2 weeks before your pool is delivered. 

  • The SteelPool goes from manufacturing to inspection to the to finishing facility with blasting and coating, using a specialized process for premium corrosion protection, and the paint color of your  choice....then cured for 5 days.  

  • One final QA run, and it is on the truck ready for delivery. It is then installed in just one day

  • We hookup the pump skid unit, pump to pool piping, electrical hookup, and install the safety equipment.

  • Permit authorities are informed of the install and hookup, inspections on electrical grounding, electrical services, pipes and trenches, gates, fences, lock, alarms.  

  • After full permit and 3rd party approval, it is time to fill the pool. 

  • We provide some guidance on how to maintain your pool, pump instructions, and what pool maintenance equipment you may require. 

  • Swim

  • Your new pool will have its own website with a pool serial number, build data, QA data, instruction manuals, certifications, permit documents, install photos, and everything associated with the pool build.

    Enjoy your SteelPool. 

And the timeline....this can take just 8 weeks, start to finish.
Backlog..we don't have backlogs, because we make our pools in a factory in weeks, no weather delays, no excuses, nothing. 

30 Days in 30 seconds

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